Welcome in Calabria

Welcome to Calabria, land of amazing beauty, nestled between two seas with 800 km of coast and incomparable views.
With vast expanses of greenery and mountains sloping down to the sea ...
A world where nature alternates with ancient forms of civilization, in which, among soft paths(trails), you can rediscover abandoned places, churches, monasteries, castles, palaces, but also places where survive ancient ethnicities, dialects, traditions, arts, food and folklore.


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Tour and Excursions

Overview of Tours and Excursions organized by Valentour to offer a broader vision of the holiday's concept.

Reggio Calabria and Scilla

Departure to Scilla, the characteristic little town in the enchanting scenery of the Costa Viola.

Isole Eolie

The beautiful mini cruise takes you to the Aeolian Islands, which are only accessible by sea. Here you will find scenaries of incomparable beauty such as caves, coves, picturesque bays and cliffs. Here Nature will show you unrepeatable and strange shapes.

Serra San Bruno and Stilo
Partenza per Serra San Bruno, breve sosta sul lago Angitola, una zona umida con un valore naturale inestimabile grazie alla presenza di uccelli acquatici rari.


Overview of the most interesting Destinations to visit in Calabria among the city and the cultural and natural beauties.

Tropea is the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The name of this town was mentioned for the irst time by Pliny The Older in the irst century A.D.
Pizzo Calabro
Pizzo is situated on a steep clif overlooking the Gulf of Santa Eufemia. High above the sea is the Aragonese Castle, which was built by Ferdinand I of Aragon in the 1 th century and where Joachim Murat was shot. Today there is a museum inside this castle.
Reggio Calabria and Scilla
Reggio Calabria is the most densely populated city in Calabria and lies on the southern tip of the Italian peninsular, between the slopes of the Aspromonte range and the eastern shore of the Straits of Messina.

Culture and Traditions

Discover the culture, traditions and curiosities of the area.

Calabria is a region between two seas with wonderful green hills overlooking the sea, where the natural landscapes co-exist in perfect harmony with the most ancient forms of civilization, history and culture.

A region with several old ethnic groups, traditions, dialects, folklore, art and gastronomy which, thanks to their originality, make Calabria a special country.

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