Civita is an enchanting hill resort set in the heart of Pollino National Park where tradition and folklore are still alive. Here it’s still possible to hear the inhabitants speaking Arbëreshë, the language of the Albanian founders, who were fleeing from the Turkish – Ottoman occupation in the XV century. Before reaching Civita you breathe the history and the wisdom of a magic place. You’re in LA MAGARA, which dominates the whole municipality ravine. It’s the only bed and breakfast in Civita set in the middle of the historical centre. You’re in a privileged place on the world and on memory. Up high, over everything. In each room a small loggia, a window…the gaze can dance: dwell down on the devil’s bridge, and more in the distance fill with the sea, or turn to a side and be enriched by the green and the flourishing Laxca plants. The rhythm of time it’s always with you in your journey. Every morning in the homely kitchen of B&B LA Magara a rich but simple breakfast is served, made of genuine and traditional products. It’s a not-only-sweet Italian style breakfast, though different every day. B&B La Magara invest a lot of energy on this time of the day: Anita prepares sweet dishes, with cakes from Arbreshë’s recipe books – as well as the sausages made by herself and the flans. On the other hand, every morning Raffaele picks the fresh vegetables and fruits that decorate the breakfast laid table. The elements marking this important time of the day are simple and not very elaborated: there will never be a lack of a new laid egg or of fresh-baked bread