Scalea may be considered a place of settlement since the prehistoric times. After the construction of the Franciscan Convent, in the thirteenth century by Pietro Cathin, a disciple of Francis of Assisi, it became a religious and cultural center. For the position of the seaport, Scalea was subjected, for centuries, by Saracens and pirates attack. Scalea was heavily damaged during the last war by the bombing of the British and the American army forces. Today Scaleais an important touristic and beach center.

The town has a vast promontory which borders to the south of the Gulf of Policastro. The oldest housings are arranged in perched terraces, while the modern one are spread along the coast. Archaeological traces date back to the first human signs in the area of the Enotri.

During the Roman period it became a holiday center resort, and on the territory, arose several maritime villas. By the time of thecoming of the Byzantines and the Normans, the coast was abandoned, and the old Scalea developed, protected by a wall with four gates, overwhelmed by a castle, originally a Longobarda fortress, enlarged by Ruggero d’Altavilla around 1060. During the Second World War the town was bombed.

Beginning from the 60’s, the few houses that make up the current historical center, were gradually abandoned and the inhabitants began to build new buildings occupying the south part of the area. This process continued until the 90s’ assuming its current appearance.

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