Eolie Islands

The beautiful mini cruise takes you to the Aeolian Islands, which are only accessible by sea. Here you will find scenaries of incomparable beauty such as caves, coves, picturesque bays and cliffs. Here Nature will show you unrepeatable and strange shapes. The Aeolian Islands are among the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. By visiting …


Locri is an important touristic and cultural centre which is situated above the Ionian Sea between Reggio Calabria and Catanzaro. The historical centre lies between Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Matteotti, where there are some Bourbon buildings from the 19th century and also 4 churches (St. Catherine’s church, St. Blaise’s church, the church of Santa Maria Del Mastro, and Our Lady of Sorrows’church).


Under the slopes of Mount Consolino lies the medieval town of Stilo (2800 inhabitants). In the distance you can see the small Byzantine church, which is known as “La Cattolica”. This church dominates the whole town and dates back to the tenth century. It was built as a “katholikón”, as the main church of a monastery.